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6 vCPU, 6GB RAM, 100GB SSD

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Starting at $0.12 / hour for GPU-powered Virtual Machines.

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We help you slash cloud costs so you could focus on building amazing solutions.

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Available across the world

  • Locations across the world

    Spin the globe and point at the map, NodeShift is available there too.

  • Absolute Privacy

    Regardless of where you deploy, benefit from increased privacy.

  • Worldwide Resilience

    Your data is up and running even if an entire country’s electricity grid goes down.

Automate deployments with Terraform

NodeShift allows you to automate the deployment of Compute and GPU Virtual Machines by leveraging Terraform, similarly for Storage. Your skills from AWS, GCP and Azure are easily transferrable here.

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GitHub Actions x NodeShift

Leverage GitHub Actions pipeline to create resources on NodeShift and deploy your code directly into Compute and GPU Virtual Machines.


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Starting $3/TB



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NodeShift is gearing up to redefine cloud services with a new paradigm based on decentralization, which will create new opportunities for innovation and will change the existing market dynamics.

By being selected to both Intel startup accelerators, Intel Ignite and Intel Liftoff, the NodeShift founders will team up with experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, and engineers to create a solid foundation to get to the next level. This will enable NodeShift to accelerate the development of the technology of decentralization and scale up the business globally.

Ralph de Wargny
Ralph de Wargny
Director Intel® Liftoff for Startups

The NodeShift platform makes it easy for developers to build their business applications securely in the cloud all while significantly reducing costs. This can be achieved by taking advantage of technological advancements in applied cryptography to distributed computing.

After years of experience deploying Palantir’s enterprise SaaS platform in the cloud while ensuring data security and minimizing costs, KestrelOx1 is thrilled to be backing the NodeShift project and team as they innovate and redefine what is possible in the cloud.

Tim Ronan
Tim Ronan
Partner at Kestrel0x1

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