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We help you slash cloud costs so you could focus on building amazing solutions.

CPU Configurations

Powerful VMs at affordable prices


Forget the word legacy, for the needs of modern developers, NodeShift provides modern tools. Deploy in less clicks than it takes to open a browser.


Unlike public cloud environments, NodeShift encrypts every file and divides it into 10 different pieces that are stored across different nodes.


Democratizing access to cloud infrastructure through affordable prices, build revolutionary products and revolutionary prices.

Accelerate your workloads

A wide range of CPUs

A wide range of CPUs

VM configuration of all flavours, ranging from Intel SGX and TDX hardware to powerful Xeon Gold processors.

Terraform Deployments

Terraform Deployments

Prepare infrastructure deployments in a familiar approach by leveraging Terraform templates to directly deploy the resources that you need.

Quick Compute Tour

What is it like to spin up a deployment? Check out a brief tour to see how simple it is to create a Virtual Machine.