Reduce costs
with no effort

We help you slash cloud costs so you could focus on building amazing solutions.

CPU Configurations

Secure Storage
for private workloads

Outstanding Privacy

Unlike in traditional cloud providers, no one other than you can visualise the data that is stored by you.

Resiliency & Security

Even if the electricity grid in an entire country goes down, NodeShift storage will still be up and running.

S3 Compatibility

Take advantage of the entire S3 tooling ecosystem from extensions and libraries to plugins.

Empower your VMs with storage capabilities



Easily increase the capacity of your VMs with unlimited hot, cold and archive storage.



Files are encrypted and broken into 10 different pieces stored across different nodes, each piece has 5 copies. No one but the file owner can piece it together.

Out-of-the-box readiness

Out-of-the-box readiness

Storage volumes can be easily created, managed and deleted within the UI. Deploy globally S3 compatible storage buckets and mount them to your VMs.

Quick Storage Tour

What is it like to get started with NodeShift Storage? Check out a brief tour to see how simple it is to tap into S3 compatitable Buckets.